Hi there and thanks for dropping by…

I’m Sonia, a creative, energised woman, wife, and mother of three young children who were all born in just over 2 ½ years – no twins in there, and yes it was planned! I am besotted by my children – they fascinate me, grow me, and dumbfound me, daily! I love it!

Many people over the years have told me that in some way or some form, I have inspired them to take positive action or I planted a seed of thought that led them to positive change.

I know well the obstacles that come with running a family, running a business and running the business that is your life! I enjoy being an active learner in life, and sharing the pearls of wisdom along my self-development travels.

I’ve worked in the health industry as a Speech Pathologist almost twenty years having helped thousands of children, families and adults to empower them with communication.

My belief is that communication is at the heart of connection, to our self, to others and the global community, and that the quality of these relationships is fundamental to our wellbeing.

I founded my company, Talking Heads Speech Pathology in 2006, growing this steadily, successfully and gracefully, amongst the challenges of having three children– and no “real” maternity leave.

Writing is my homecoming –  in its many formats and contexts including the creative, educational, and marketing domains, whilst i also enjoy my role as Editor for the community magazine, Shire’s Children. I have written many published articles, and contributed to magazines and newspapers at both local and national levels.

Excitedly, i also have two children’s picture book manuscripts selected for publishing by an Australian publishing house in 2018 and 2019!

I love, speaking and presenting, enjoying guest speaker radio gigs, and the delivery of countless education events nationally and internationally, to empower parents, educators and business owners to learn more, grow more and enjoy what life has to offer.

With my deep passion and commitment to self-development, positive psychology and wellbeing; for people of all ages, I hope to share inspiration and perhaps plant a seed of thought, to strengthen your connection with you, your family and friends, and your community.

If you want to learn a little more about how i can serve you, send me an email at info@chataboutchildren.com, or  out www.soniabestulic.com

Wishing you a world of wonderful,