Okay – so hopefully you would have mastered the ‘me dates’ concept by now; so guess what’s next?


Chicks dates or mates dates!

The idea here is that you organise a recurrence of dates with your girlfriends or for the guys, with your guy mates… to give you time to catch up with your buddies and just do what you need to do; laugh, cry, vent, talk, listen, inspire etc.

Just enjoy your social time out; without having to worry about your child/ children or partner. So that should answer, “Can I bring my partner along?” Nope!  Encourage them to have their own regular catch ups with their friends.

Again; something to look forward to and to commit to.

We get so caught up these days in whatever it is we are trying to do in the day; that we seem to bump into people every now and then and end the conversation with “we should catch up sometime!” Hardly happens!

Or your brain still thinks it is January when it is July and you think “where has the year gone?” “What have i done this year?”

Schedule all dates in advance; at a recurrence that is realistic for the group – lock it in – commit – enjoy!


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Mother of three young children, and senior level Speech & Language Pathologist. Sonia founded a successful Sydney based private practice in 2006. She regularly presents community seminars, writes articles for parent magazines and does guest speaker gigs on community radio. Sonia enjoys writing, and hopes one day to be a published children's picture book author too!

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  1. Yvette
    March 6, 2015 at 10:08 am — Reply

    Great article. Spot on. Xx

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