Communication Development – What to expect from the 1 – 2 year old

Lets continue the journey of understanding communication development, with a focus on the toddler aged 12 to 24 months…

Receptive Language (Understanding of Language)

12 – 18 months

* Follows routines well

* Uses play items appropriately

* Simple directions are followed e.g. “Push the car”

* Identifies familiar objects from a group; e.g. a ball, bowl, spoon

18-24 months

* Stories and nursery rhymes are enjoyed, often repetitively by the toddler.

* Points to named body parts and objects in a storybook.

* Identifies photographs of familiar items or objects

* Understands action words e.g. running, drinking


Expressive Language (Speaking)

12-18 months   

* month by month more words are expressed.

* gestures, actions and facial expressions are also used in expressing needs and wants.

* single words such as “mummy”, “drink”, “no”, “more” appear.

* imitation of new words and songs are attempted.

18-24 months                   

* words increase in clarity

* questions start to be asked at x2 word level e.g. “what’s that?”, “where mummy?”.

* vocabulary is approximately 25-50 words

* 2 word combinations are used in different ways,

E.g. action + object = “drink milk”; person + action = “mummy eat”; person + place = “daddy here”

Speech Sounds

Between 1-2 years of age, toddlers experience a growth spurt of their word bank (vocabulary), and their speech becomes clearer to understand. Typically 50% of what a 2 year old says is easily understood by family and friends.

By 2 years, toddlers can say a range of speech sounds when talking (e.g. p, b, m, t, d, n, h, w)


If you have any queries about your child’s communication development; chat to a Speech Pathologist or your family doctor.


This article was published in the Spring Issue of Shire’s Children magazine, 2015; www.shireschildren.com.au 



www.speechpathologyaustralia.org.au (Speech Pathology Australia – Fact Sheets)

www.speech-language-therapy.com  (Caroline Bowen)



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