My goodness once you have kids, you really need to make sure you pull away and take time for you!

I am not saying anything new am i? But how on earth do you take that first step? There are a gazillion things to do; and a gazillion excuses why you can’t take time for you right?

Nope! Here are my top 3 thoughts;

1) Schedule a “me date”

What is a “me date”? What ever you want it to be – so long as it is something for you. May be, grabbing a book and sitting on the beach for a few hours reading or watching a movie (yes, who cares if you see a movie on your own – get over yourself!)   Make it a regular recurrence; choose what suits your life style and  life circumstance. You will know whether you can have a “me date” once a week, a fortnight, or a month etc. Once you select the recurrence; you actually block it out in your calendar for the WHOLE YEAR.

No i am not kidding, and i am not being over the top; i am placing value on the critical factor that you must look after yourself (outside your gym visits, yoga etc.) Having the dates set, creates a commitment to yourself, and it also means that you can be organised in advance for who can assist in looking after your child/ children.

2) Pre-make your list of activities

Brainstorm them; choose the one you most feel like as your “me date” approaches!

3) Commit, commit, commit!

If for whatever reason you can’t honour your date; reschedule it for as soon as is possible.   And for those of you thinking “can i just go hang out with my bestie?” – Nope! A “me date” is exactly that – a date with yourself 🙂

You know that the quality time with yourself, will only make you a better you – go ahead, enjoy!

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Mother of three young children, and senior level Speech & Language Pathologist. Sonia founded a successful Sydney based private practice in 2006. She regularly presents community seminars, writes articles for parent magazines and does guest speaker gigs on community radio. Sonia enjoys writing, and hopes one day to be a published children's picture book author too!

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