The joys of journaling

In my younger years, one of my absolute favourite things was keeping a journal. I loved my padlocked pages (mind you, you could easily open it with a bobby pin, but I don’t think my brothers realised that?!).

What was so cool, was finding one of my journals many years later, and coming across a page with goals I had listed. I was amazed that I had achieved every single one – I hadn’t remembered writing them down; but clearly my subconscious had retained them, and had been working on them!

There are so many proven benefits in keeping a journal. It gives you a safe avenue to…do whatever you want!! Draw, write, use markers, crayons, stickers, paste in pictures – this is your world – express yourself as you see fit!

Getting your thoughts and feelings on paper means you can;

  • clarify your thoughts
  • defuse strong feelings of anger, frustration, sadness etc.
  • celebrate the wonderful feelings
  • show some gratitude (even if you have to try really hard on some days; it is worth it)
  • understand yourself better and your perspective on things
  • scribe your goals, dreams and desires, and your journey to achieving them

Consider writing with a pen and paper *gasp* – I know a little old fashioned aren’t I?! The pen writing act itself however really slows one down to achieve the “reflective zone”.

Even though there are a gazillion things you need to do in your day; writing in your journal is for you. Valuable “me” time.


School aged children; whether upper primary school or high school – can also benefit hugely from journaling. It is a stage of life that could certainly do with a safe haven for thoughts and feelings to be released… remember to encourage recognition of the good stuff too, amongst the toils and troubles of adolescence!

Hope you enjoy the joys of journaling 🙂


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Mother of three young children, and senior level Speech & Language Pathologist. Sonia founded a successful Sydney based private practice in 2006. She regularly presents community seminars, writes articles for parent magazines and does guest speaker gigs on community radio. Sonia enjoys writing, and hopes one day to be a published children's picture book author too!

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