Who is behind Chatabout Children™?

Hi there, I’m Sonia, a creative, energised businesswoman, wife, and mother of three young children who were all born in 2 years, no twins in there, and yes it was planned! I am besotted by my children, they fascinate me, grow me, and dumbfound me, daily! I love it!

A Speech & Language Pathologist almost twenty years I’ve helped thousands of children, families and adults – empowering them with communication skills to live a fulfilled life.

Now, i am so excited to empower you to grow with the children in your life!

& 80s

Want to find out more? Get comfortable, let’s wind back the clock (a little!)


To summarise this period, let’s say I enjoyed enormous amounts of time with a large family network, large amounts of food, and large amounts of outdoor play, reading, writing, baking, dancing, pondering and playing the violin.

& 90s


Pretty much the same activities going on from the childhood years with less outdoor play, and more pondering!

I started paid work life from 14 years of age (And so it continues in various forms!)

90s & 2000s

Early Adult-hood

A closet self-development junkie, I was an avid reader of books in the Personal Development and New Age section of my local bookstore.

Daily yoga and herbal teas was my thing, not so mainstream back then and herbal teas were not on most cafe menus, so I would stash herbal tea bags in my handbag, and order a cup of boiling water to put my teabag into!

I was on a mission to devise the ways and means to positively transform the lives of children and their families.

With a degree in Speech Pathology, from the University of Sydney, I launched my awesome Speech Pathology career, growing from strength to strength in amazing roles in the education sector, the public and private health sectors, and also landed back at Sydney University as a Clinical Educator.

Around Australia and internationally; I had the privilege of making a positive difference to the lives of many children and families enjoying some travel in between of course.


A little later, Adult-hood, in 2006

This year I gave birth to my first baby (before having human babies), as Founder of my company, Talking Heads Speech Pathology in the South of Sydney, Australia.

My intense passion to transform lives was truly alive now; as I helped people directly within my clinic, and through my writing and speaking gigs. My love affair began providing education and training to parents, carers and professionals working with children.

Very quickly, people caught on, that I had a genuine interest and care in helping them succeed and so the company naturally evolved to expand its team.


2010 – 2013

I had three babies in 2 years, reminding you -no twins in the mix, and yes it was planned!

I’d describe this period as perhaps the most amazing, difficult, challenging and rewarding. All culminating to have created a supersonic burst of personal growth and development that actively continues in my every day.

Oh, and as a small business owner, no there wasn’t any real maternity leave!

Oh, and – with so much going on, I needed to be fit so, I sparked a relationship with CrossFit!


2014 – 2017

I added the role of Editor to my many hats, working on the editorial team of Shire’s Children, a community magazine.

Chataboutchildren.com had a quiet birth in 2014, as an online platform for my passion of writing and showcasing my published articles.

I graduated from the Australian Institute of Company Directors, applying my new learnt skills as Director on the board of a large Allied Health company.



Selected as a National Finalist as Aus Mumpreneur of the Year 2017 – such an honour!

Using my birthday as an occasion to give back – I initiated a personal fundraiser against domestic violence. Committing to do a deadlift for every dollar raised. I raised $1269. I did 1269 deadlifts. (Imagine how the world would look and feel if every birthday, every year was an occasion for us all to give back to our local community).

Talking Heads Speech Pathology commences its 12th year of service; actively and gracefully growing!



The Podcast Chatabout Children™ with Sonia Bestulic is launched!

My first children’s picture book, Reece Give Me Some Peace! is released!